May 06, 2016

White Chairs Memorial

Brothers and sisters, we need your help with the National Police Officers Memorial Service. Let’s make the message below viral on Social Media.

Thousands of people will be visiting Washington, D.C. May 10-16 to observe National Police Week and to take part in the activities.  Included in this group are surviving family members and brothers and sisters of law enforcement.  When Officers are killed in the line of duty, families and co-workers are left to cope with the tragic loss.   This price is far too high to pay.  We MUST send a clear message that violence against law enforcement will not be tolerated.  Please help spread the message of support nationwide and take a stand to stop the violence.  Let's make this viral!

We cannot do it without your help.  We started what has grown into the current police week.  Our event, the National Peace Officers Memorial Service on the lawn of our Nation's Capitol generates a cost to the Grand Lodge FOP Foundation of over $300k each year.  Please help by sharing our link through social media.

Please post the link below along with the graphics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. along with the following message:
Each year in our nation's capital, just as they have done since 1982, the Fraternal Order of Police honors all law enforcement officers from the United States who gave their life in the service of other. 

On May 15th, over 2,000 white chairs will be set up on the lawn of the Capitol for the families of fallen officers that will be honored during a solemn ceremony. Tens of thousands will attend and celebrate our fallen and recognize their sacrifice. 

Help us continue to salute these families and honor the memories of our fallen brothers and sisters by giving back to those who gave. 

Click on the following link.

Donate Now - White Chairs Memorial

Fraternal Order of Police
701 Marriott Drive
Nashville Tennessee 37214
United States


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